Friday, March 4, 2011

Running, so far…

After few months of running, I attended few races to push my moral on keep my training schedule.
1. Malakoff 7km, on 19/12/10

2. FTAAA Cross Country 8.2km, on 23/1/11

Both races are good experience to me.
The killing steep slop going up on to the National Science Center at Bukit Damansara, the after race walking towards Desa Sri Hartamas to get my car, the muddy sidewalk on Lebuhraya Mahameru after the “jungle tracking” and the peaceful run in Taman Tasik area. Although the race times are lousy, I am totally enjoying it. I may curse when I running on the course, but I am enjoying my move deep in my heart. The feeling of moving on, enduring the tiredness, catching up the short breath, and the paint of few days after the events, I guess I am addict to them now.

After the Cross Country run, I signed up my self for the half marathon, on coming KL Marathon (26/6/11). From the estimated finishing time (3hrs), you will know that I am not too sure I can manage the distant, but I will give it my best.

I started organized a training program. The program started with 30km per week (in Jan) to 50km per week (in May). So far, I am sticking into the program and ran 150+ km in Feb (30~45km per week). Its included 3 weekdays short run (5km) and LSD (Long Slow Distant, for endurance training) on Saturday and Sunday. I am also adding some cross training (resistant training) now starting March. From the research I made on the internet, the amount of training will give me sufficient preparation towards my 21km race in Jun.

Btw, talking about the LSD, I took part on the 13/2 PACM LSD. As usual, I am late to the starting (6:45am at Taman Tasik, still looking for parking). What I saw was the training is like a race event, many participants running on the side of Padang Merbok towards the bank negara. After I parked my car (of course on the road side, the parking lot is full), I quickly stretch a bit and start myself. There are few runners started late too, so I tagged along. As I am new to this event, I have no idea where are we heading to, what I know was kept running, else I will be abundance in the dark at some way around Bukit Tunku. Anyway, as I am slow runner and other who started late has a faster pace, I lost my way. I am not too sure whether I should cross the Jalan Duta towards Sri Hartamas, or there is some other passes compare to the highway with traffic.

I ventured into Bukit Tunku, referred twice on my Sports Tracker map (good to have something to tell your location), and I manage to ran into Mahameru and back to the familiar FTAAA cross country route. I ran alone, without a single sight on other runners, most of the time. This gave me some special feeling about running. I am still enjoyed, even I am lost. Running around an unfamiliar ground provided some extra dose of endorphin and I don’t feel exhausted at all. The total distant is actually more than what I ever ran before. I guess it’s good to add some variety to our running route. Before this, I thought some day I can run the whole 21/42km on my training day on the MPSJ track (which equal to 52 and 104 laps respectively). Now, I have problem to contain my foot on the track for 15~20 laps. It’s screamed to go out and run the side walk and the asphalt road. Thus, I started to round USJ5 and USJ11 area…

Until next time.

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